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When Can CMA FOUNDATION Result Dates for December 2023 be expected?

When Can CMA FOUNDATION Result Dates for December 2023 be expected?

The CMA FOUNDATION Result Dates for the December 2023 term will shortly be made available by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, or ICMAI the Tantitive Date Would Be Around 10th to 12th Jan 2024, the CMA Inter and Final results for the December 2023 term will be released. The official website,, will reveal the ICMAI results for December 2023. With the login information, candidates may view the CMA scoring and the pass list.

The Foundation, Intermediate, and Final CMA December 2023 results will be made available individually. Candidates can use their identification number to view their CMA results. Every year, the CMA test is held in December and June. The CMA 2023 results are only available online at the official website. To learn more about the CMA December 2023 results, scroll down.

When will CMA results be released by ICMAI?

The CMA results for the Intermediate and Final courses are released by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, or ICMAI, two to three months after the test dates. Results from the CMA Foundation are often available sooner. Because the CMA Foundation test uses multiple-choice questions, the results are usually available a month after the exam date.

On the same day, the CMA Intermediate and Final results are made public. The links to see the CMA Final and Intermediate results, however, are posted on different windows.

Exam dates and schedule for CMA 2023

The CMA (Cost Management Accountant) examination schedule for 2023 outlines the anticipated dates for crucial events related to the exams:

  • Tentatively in January 2024, the CMA Foundation December 2023 results are expected to be released around 10th to 12th Jan 2024. This marks the unveiling of outcomes for candidates who took the Foundation level exam in December 2023.
  • On February 21, 2024, both the CMA Final December 2023 results and the results for the CMA Intermediate December 2023 exams are slated to be announced. This day serves as a pivotal moment for candidates awaiting their results from these advanced levels of the CMA examination.

These dates serve as significant milestones for CMA aspirants, as they eagerly anticipate the outcome of their exams and subsequent steps in their CMA certification journey.

Can I Check the CMA Results Right After the Exam?

Candidates cannot immediately access their CMA results after submitting their answer sheets. Due to the rigorous evaluation process involved in the CMA Foundation, which utilizes Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology, immediate access to results isn't possible. The assessment of these OMR-based tests requires meticulous scrutiny post the submission of answer sheets. Therefore, while the exam is completed promptly, the evaluation process for the CMA Foundation necessitates time and careful consideration before candidates can view their outcomes.

How Do I Check CMA Results?

To check your CMA results, follow these systematic steps to gain access to your performance summary:

  • Start by navigating to the Examination section on the official ICMAI website.
  • From the dropdown menu presented, select the 'Result' option.
  • Identify the particular exam level (Foundation, Intermediate, or Final) you took.
  • Enter your Registration Number as prompted and proceed by clicking on the 'View Result' button.

By adhering to these straightforward instructions, the system will promptly display your results on the screen. This immediate access provides a comprehensive overview of your performance in the exam you undertook.

What Guidelines Should I Follow Post CMA Result Access?

After accessing their CMA results, candidates should immediately secure a printout of their scorecards. These scorecards hold immense significance during the admission process for further studies or professional endeavors. They serve as tangible evidence of a candidate's performance, detailing subject-wise marks and the overall outcome.

Keeping these scorecards safe and accessible is vital. They act as a crucial reference point for any future academic pursuits or professional requirements. Candidates are advised to maintain these documents until the conclusion of the admission or any subsequent processes, ensuring a hassle-free transition and providing concrete evidence when needed. Additionally, these scorecards might be essential for verification purposes, making their safekeeping essential for a candidate's future endeavors.

What Are the Passing Criteria for CMA Exams?

The passing criteria for CMA (Certified Management Accountant) exams involve specific benchmarks that candidates must meet to successfully clear the examination. To attain a favorable outcome, candidates must adhere to stringent scoring guidelines set by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI).

  • Firstly, candidates are required to secure a minimum of 40% marks in each subject. This criterion necessitates a comprehensive understanding and competence in each individual topic covered within the CMA syllabus. Achieving this minimum threshold in every subject ensures a fundamental grasp of the core concepts and areas of study.
  • Additionally, candidates must strive for an aggregate score of 50% in non-exempt papers within the designated group. This criterion emphasizes the importance of achieving a balanced performance across the subjects constituting the group. It ensures that candidates demonstrate proficiency not only in individual subjects but also in their collective application, showcasing a well-rounded comprehension of the CMA curriculum.

These criteria act as benchmarks to evaluate a candidate's proficiency, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and application of the principles and concepts tested in the CMA examination. By meeting these passing criteria, candidates validate their aptitude and readiness to embark on their journey as qualified management accountants.


The anticipation surrounding the release of CMA FOUNDATION Result Dates, along with Intermediate and Final outcomes, underscores the importance of these milestones in the lives of aspiring cost accounting professionals. The structured approach of ICMAI in result disclosures signifies transparency and fairness, allowing candidates to plan their academic and professional trajectories effectively.

For many, these results represent a pivotal juncture, shaping their future endeavors and setting the course for their careers in cost accounting. As the dates draw nearer, candidates remain on edge, awaiting the outcomes that will steer their paths forward within this dynamic field.

For comprehensive guidance and support through these crucial stages, Akash Agarwal Classes stands as a reliable resource, offering valuable insights and assistance to navigate the complexities of the CMA examination and beyond.

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5/22/2024 3:36 AM
Thanks designed for sharing such a fastidious thought, article is pleasant, thats why i have read it completely